Rosenberg och Eng


Karin Rosenberg and Pernilla Andersson are the base of the group Rosenberg & Eng. They compose and arrange an expressive set of songs that lies close to an acustic poptradition. There sound contains elements of folkmusic, jazz and alternative popmelodies.


The foundation of the group Rosenberg & Eng was laid in a musicstore in Reykjavik. The wide range of instrument that the store offered created such an inspiration which led to the forming of the band. One thing that fitted Pernilla’s suitcase was the Calimba, and together with Karin’s Bouzoki back in Sweden they started composing music together.


Rosenberg & Eng’s constellation varies depending on the occation. But primarily they preform as a duett or trio along with a double-bass. At most there are six musicians on stage when Rosenberg & Eng preforms. The music is always preformed with an intimate feeling and with solos from either the double-bass, the saxophone or the calimba.The music appeals to both the old and the young audience, both fans of either jazzmusic or popularmusic!